The brand wants to be sustainable by taking actions for reducing its ecological impact within the tannery and also by having a social impact through the manufacturing process.

The ecological policy takes places during the process of making leather. It can be measured in terms of energy and water reduction (lighting hours gallon of water saved). Léage is collaborating with the ecological tannery Tantec, certified LWG Gold, ISO 14001 et ECO2L. It has developed its own ecological program : LITE (low impact to environment). Using natural energies (sun, rain, wind) and having a water recycling system, they can reduce from 50% the consumption in energy and water.

The social policy has been developed through the manufacturing of the finished products. It can be measured in terms of labour hours. Léage is collaborating with the factory SHF, which labour cost is three times higher than the average one. It allows the craftswomen to have good wages and working conditions (working space, health insurance…).