Léage creates leather tech accessories inspired by the universe of mathematics and numbers. Every piece is an equation between measures of diverse essentials (laptop, phone, book, money …) and the object’s proportion.

All the collection has been established according to the scientist logic “we observe, we analyze, we deduce”. Each product responds to a need such as : to carry with comfort a laptop, to have an easy access to a phone, to be able to keep belongings safe …

At Léage, we have a product research approach. Moving with your belongings can cause damages such as : back pain, shoulders pain, fluidity in movements … The brand wants to integrate them. It develops products and leads a quality test to understand how the object solves the issues.

The brand wants to create synergies between fashion and tech. In the first one, an aesthetic and a traditional leather know-how legacy are sought for. In the second one, a need is looked for.

The brand was created by Pauline Léage, who lives between Paris and Saigon, and has French, Algerian, and Chinese heritage. Her career in fashion began at Acne Studios (distribution) and continued with CHANEL (production).